About poppy

Poppy is a Canadian Artist with a new twist on plain paper drawings.  Five year old Poppy has a unique artistic styling and imaginative stories to go along with each of her pieces.  Watch as her drawings transform throughout the year.  Alternately mesmerizing and captivating, her images are the sort that remind you to look at the world with a new, fresh, perspective.   

Choosing to work mostly on plain paper, with chalk, crayon, marker and pencil crayons, Poppy enjoys using whatever drawing implement happens to be lying around her studio.  Lately she's taken to working in chalk on a simple chalkboard and then recording her images digitally as a statement about the transience of life, and the ability to transform images  into something immortal without the restrictions a physical piece endures. 

2018 is looking to be a breakout year for Poppy as she begins experimenting in watercolour and acrylic paints.